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Having trouble finding all the solutons to your word puzzle?

There is many word games like Boggle now out there, with thousands of people now playing word games online each and every day, the game has exploded more than ever!

Sometimes, you just cannot find all the solutions to your puzzle and that can be frustrating, but no need to worry! There is no need for sleepless nights anymore, thanks to this free online Boggle Solution Solver !

Grid size: x

Smallest words:
Largest words:

Fill in the squares and click solve.

This word solver is completely free to use, enjoy !

Example 1    Example 2

The Word-Solver at is a tool which anyone can use to find all the solutions to their word games which involve finding all the words and combinations from a jumbled up grid of letters.

There is many games like Boggle and clones of which can be bought from your local toy store or you can find and play online on your computer. Knowing all the answers allows you to set challenges for other people to see how many they can find, you can even give them clues like a list of the words with random characters removed!

Unlike other Boggle Solution Finders, apart from giving you a list of all the words in the grid, it will also show you the words on the grid so you can see how the word is formed!

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